If you requested to be contacted, we will ask your Phoenix Datacom Account Manager (Charles Aslett) to get in touch.

Just to recap, the core ways in which we can bring you value include:

Network Visibility: Resilient connection of security & monitoring devices to your network

Network Test & Validation: Increasing the resiliency of your network & security solutions

Application Performance: Preventing bottlenecks from affecting critical applications

Cyber Security: The most effective layers of security protection in-depth, including:

Lab Automation

We recently added Quali CloudShell to our multi-million pound Cyberlab, not just to demonstrate the value of the solution for Lab and DevOps lifecycle Automation, but also for the efficient running of our own solutions for Network Visibility, Cyber-Security and Application Performance.

We can now quickly power up the lab to pre-published sandboxes of infrastructure and application configurations, reserve assets and run specific solution demonstrations and scenarios.

Any device configuration that can be carried out manually can now be automated.

You can read more about CloudShell here and see videos about Lab Automation here.