Tuesday 4th August, 10:00

IP packet behaviour analytics is an essential real-time need when dealing with the modern infrastructures capable of transporting uncompressed ST 2110 video and audio.

With a Production environment dominated by operations personnel and non-movable deadlines, enabling the total understanding of advanced connectivity is crucial for OPEX and CAPEX.

Join us with ours partners from Bridge Technologies as we explore the benefits and challenges as the Broadcast industries migrate to an IP world.

Attendees will see:

• How uncompressed Media over IP is now feasible

• Industry standards: ST 2110, ST 2022-6/7 & NMOS

• Remote IP Production capabilities explained

• How to enable production teams to continuously survey all layers of media

  transportation on an IP network

• An in-depth look at IP packet behaviour, PTP ST 2059-2 timing and redundancy

• Remote HTML5 based Instrument & Expert Views.

Webinar Speaker: Simen K. Frostad, Chairman, Bridge Technologies

Simen co-founded Bridge Technologies in 2004 with the goal of creating solutions that would simplify the transition to IP.

Prior to Bridge, Simen developed the first nonlinear sports editing facility during the 1994 Winter Olympics; built the first multi-camera hard disk recording system for episodic drama production in 1998; and created the world’s first IP/MPLS contribution network for Scandinavian sports coverage.

Simen’s in-depth experience and understanding of the end-to-end broadcast process have seen him play a leading role in making the future of the broadcast industry possible.

Who should attend?

This is a must-attend event for all Production companies, Telcos and Broadcasters who deal with studios, master control centres and outside broadcast vehicles and venues. Within these operations individual Management, Network Engineers, Vision & Control Engineers, Camera Painters and Sound Engineers will find this webinar hugely useful for their everyday operating.


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