How much of your cyber security spend is worth ensuring defences are correctly configured and will work to their full potential all of the time?

Adding a combination of layers, like: DLP, Firewall, Malware Sandbox and Endpoint Protection can imply a mature security posture, but assuming so without knowing how to measure and improve their performance can leave you more open to attack and IP loss.

Ask yourself:

  • Is the technology behaving as expected?

  • Is it configured correctly?

  • Is IT Change Management working properly?

  • Are your teams reacting appropriately?

Join our webinar 13th February at 10:00 with our colleagues from Verodin, as we explore how to measure and improve the effectiveness of security measures and find clear answers to critical security questions.

Attend this webinar and see:

  1. How to continuously measure security effectiveness and where spend can be reduced

  2. Where new layers, config updates and changes elsewhere can impact security posture

  3. How to measure your propensity to defend against attacks targeting similar organisations.


Who should attend?

This is a must-attend webinar for anyone needing to know the effectiveness of their security protection measures in context to new and existing cyber threats.


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