Protection against malicious email attacks like Spear-Phishing & Ransomware

FireEye ETP from Phoenix Datacom protects against the targeted attacks that can bypass traditional email security layers and Anti-Virus.

Our Corporate Video

A great short video to summarise how we bring value to our customers.

CloudShell Cloud Sandboxing Overview Demo

Demo overview of CloudShell, the leading cloud sandboxing platform for turning your dev/test labs, demo/PoC labs, support / training centres, and data centres into DevOps friendly self-service clouds. CloudShell gives all your users access to personal replicas of production environments.

Read more about the CloudShell solution overview here.

Quali CloudShell Blueprints and Sandboxes

Introduction to CloudShell Blueprints and Sandboxes. A Blueprint is an offline environment template, which contains the resources, connections and configurations required from the environment it represents. A sandbox is a live, isolated instance of the blueprint that allows users to consume and interact with its components.

Read more about the CloudShell solution overview here.

Cyber Range Orchestration with Cloud Sandboxes

Quali’s Cloud Sandboxing solution for cyber ranges allows enterprises to rapidly provision full-stack, real-world cyber environments in seconds. In this demo see how you can easily manage the entire lifecycle from modelling, deploying and monitoring to reclaiming cyber sandboxes.

Read more about the CloudShell solution overview here.

Accelerating NFV certification

The use of self-service infrastructure blueprints can support many permutations and achieve the benefits of Continuous Integration to address these challenges. This video introduces how to accelerate NFV certification as part of your deployment strategy using Quali’s Cloud Sandbox platform.

Read more about the CloudShell solution overview here.


CloudShell Virtual Edition (VE)

CloudShell Virtual Edition (VE): Self-Service, On-Demand, Virtualised IT Environments for any Public or Private Cloud.

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CloudShell Lab-as-a-Service Overview

Video overview of CloudShell, the leading Lab-as-a-Service automation and orchestration platform for turning your test lab, demo/PoC lab, support / training centre, or data centre into a DevOps friendly self-service cloud.

Read more about the CloudShell solution overview here.

What is Wire Data?

Take a minute and a half to learn what wire data is, and why it is the linchpin of any successful IT operations analytics practice.

Give your security tools visibility of malware locked in SSL traffic

Gartner estimates that 50% of all network attacks will hide in SSL by 2017.

This short video from Blue Coat explains how you can unlock your SSL traffic to provide your active and passive security devices with visibility of malware that previously would have entered your network without detection.

You can learn more about the Blue Coat SSL appliance and request a demonstration here.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) over Anycast

Do you need a simple and reliable way to deploy time synchronisation over large-scale networks?

Our Spectracom range of time servers include a NTP over Anycast feature to greatly simplify network synchronisation deployments. You can use a single server address for NTP clients whilst optimising a high availability and scalable server configuration.

The Leap Second challenge

26 Leap Seconds have occurred since 1972 and will continue to do so until a global consensus is reached for a suitable replacement for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

If your systems are synchronised, you need to know how your network devices, systems and applications will respond to the next leap second. View our short video to learn more about how you can combat the effects leap seconds can have on your IT environment.

VSS Monitoring, Time Stamping NTP Edition

Time Stamping in VSS Distributed Taps. This unique feature enables users to apply a time stamp on a packet as it enters the tap – before aggregation and filtering are applied. This is a critical feature for time-sensitive environments, as it allows monitoring tools to take advantage of multi-point, optimised views of traffic without concern over latency.

For more information on the VSS Monitoring Distributed Series please visit the solution overview page here.

Analysing the Xangati Dashboard Data

This in-depth tour of the Xangati dashboard discusses how to generate and analyse the data displayed within the Xangati VI and VDI Dashboards.

It reveals virtual infrastructure behavior and shows how to spot anomalies in performance issues through reports and recordings. This video is ideal for someone who has installed the trial version and wants to know basic navigation techniques for their own infrastructure.

For more information about the Xangati solution please click here.