Our Corporate Video

A great short video to summarise how we bring value to our customers.

What is Wire Data?

Take a minute and a half to learn what wire data is, and why it is the linchpin of any successful IT operations analytics practice.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) over Anycast

Do you need a simple and reliable way to deploy time synchronisation over large-scale networks?

Our Spectracom range of time servers include a NTP over Anycast feature to greatly simplify network synchronisation deployments. You can use a single server address for NTP clients whilst optimising a high availability and scalable server configuration.

The Leap Second challenge

26 Leap Seconds have occurred since 1972 and will continue to do so until a global consensus is reached for a suitable replacement for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

If your systems are synchronised, you need to know how your network devices, systems and applications will respond to the next leap second. View our short video to learn more about how you can combat the effects leap seconds can have on your IT environment.