Iridium satellite-based solution adds resilience to GPS UTC time sources to penetrate windows and interior walls demonstrating a more resilient timing solution in the NY Stock Exchange building, Institute of Navigation event, and a recent MiFiD II compliance event near the Paris Stock Exchange.

Our partners at Spectracom Orolia have successfully synchronised a Spectracom SecureSync high precision time server with the new Iridium Satelles Satellite Time & Location (STL) time synchronisation signal, powered by Iridium satellites.

Configured with an embedded STL receiver and a small patch antenna, the SecureSync synchronised with the STL signal in several challenging indoor locations. This is excellent news for Financial Organisations needing to comply with MiFID II time synchronisation requirements who wish to add further resilience to their existing source of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

The first successful synchronisation was in the interior of a building in one of the most challenging urban canyons on Earth, downtown Manhattan, on the 7th floor of the New York Stock Exchange.


The second was in the interior of a conference centre with multiple sources of potential signal interference during The Institute of Navigation event in Monterey, CA.

Other successful indoor timing signal synchronisation locations include MiFiD II events near the Paris Stock Exchange, inside Gibson Hall in London, and at our recent MiFID II Precision Time Synchronisation & Reporting event held on the 8th floor of the Eight Club Moorgate building, near Finsbury Square in the City of London.

More GNSS-challenged locations to come.

Strong signal

The strong STL signal penetrated windows and walls for a variety of reasons, including:

  • STL uses the narrow band paging channels of Iridium, a one-way transmission from the satellite constellation with a very high gain system

  • The STL signal is completely different from the lower gain two-way channel of the Iridium phone, and therefore cannot be compared

  • Orbiting Earth at around 500 miles, the Iridium satellites provide a signal 1,000 times stronger than GPS that orbits at around 12,000 miles.


GPS UTC time resilience with indoor antenna for MiFID II Time Synchronisation
GPS UTC time resilience with indoor antenna for MiFID II Time Synchronisation

A highly-secure one-way signal

GPS was never designed with financial systems in mind. Signal strength is weak and with exception to Military applications, can be interrupted or even spoofed.

A one-way broadcast using an encryption licence key specific to each subscriber, the STL signal is almost impossible to spoof; offering the strong and consistent means to make sure your GPS time source and time server are backed up with a robust source for UTC resiliency.


STL is available in the Spectracom SecureSync appliance and the STL module can also be added to previously purchased SecureSync appliances.


MiFID II precision time synchronisation

MiFID II compliance is due no later than 3rd January 2018. Click here to learn more about the 5 primary time synchronisation requirements of MiFID II.

Demonstrations available now

To see STL in action, please contact your Phoenix Datacom Account Manager, call us on (01296) 397711, or email us by return.

You can also read more about STL for MiFID II here, and Spectracom SecureSync here.