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Managing a secure access strategy is often thankless and seldom desirable...
Managed Security Testing
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Lab as a Service
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Continuous network, endpoint, and email security improvement

As new threats emerge and you have neither the budget to buy nor the resource to manage new security tools, the onus is on what you have in place to protect against what it can quickly become ill-equipped to combat.

Our Continuous Security Improvement Platform safely shows your network, endpoint, and email security layers’ ability to defend against the new threats often carefully designed to bypass them – and provide step-by-step instructions to close the gaps.

This enables you to:

  • Maximise the effectiveness of existing security measures
  • Obtain a continuous measurement of security posture & value
  • Prevent reoccurrence of past incidents and cyber-attacks

Don’t worry. Our platform never interacts with your production servers or computers. Instead, it uses isolated software endpoints across your network to safely exercise your live security defences.

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Security Tool Evaluation and Bake-Off

When the time comes to upgrade security tools like DDoS Mitigation, Malware Sandboxes, and Intrusion Prevention Systems, you need to know how they will work when deployed in your environment.

The needs and complexities of your scenarios are unlikely to form the basis of Vendor datasheet specs, so with so much at stake, it pays to have answers to critical questions, like:

  • What are the real tipping points of our shortlisted the DDoS Mitigation tools?
  • Will we need to factor in load-balancing between security tools during peak times?
  • Is that SSL/TLS Decryption tool compatible with our Intrusion Prevention System?

We provide and support the Keysight PerfectStorm ONE stateful traffic and malware platform for security tool bake-offs, and the Xena Networks Safire platform for testing Enterprise Firewalls.

Security bake-off services

Finding the answers is not always in the skillset of busy Security Analysts, so our security testing service takes away the pain from finding the tools best suited to your needs and helps you arrive at the best security configurations and outcomes for you.

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