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Managed Security Monitoring
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Managed Zero Trust Access
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Managed Security Testing
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Lab as a Service
A place where you can develop and test without contraints like data centre change controls and restricted access...
Solutions and services to industry-specific Network, Monitoring, Security, and Test Automation challenges.

A service-oriented lab infrastructure

Digital Transformation often adds pressure to network upgrades, DevOps project timescales and ensuring security and software releases are production fit.

However, these initiatives need environments, test resources and space that may only be required for the project duration - so this is why we created our Lab as a Service - a place where you can build, develop and test.

Test Environments

Our Lab as a Service provides network scale generation, simulation and analysis to deliver agile development and test, so you can accelerate your digital transformation free from the excessive constraints of data centre change controls and restricted access.

Our ISO 9001:2015/ISO 27001:2013 certified and traceable environment has remote control power and high speed remote physical connection switching / reconfiguration. 24/7 full lab automation and resource scheduling allows you to build, book and execute your tests…anywhere, anytime!

Test Resources & Services

We can expand your test capabilities and accelerate projects with our in-house test tools and Engineers for:

  • Network infrastructure testing with 1 to 400G Ethernet traffic gen
  • Security infrastructure testing with application mix and malicious traffic generation
  • Traffic impairment over IP Networks with Simulators and Emulators

We can also design, provision and build your test environment ready for your new projects to start.

Test Automation & Remote Access

We can further enhance project delivery across your physical and cloud resources with remote scripting, scheduling and execution of tests and fully automated extraction, analysis and reporting of test results.

Additional Professional Services include:

  • Qualified test expertise and advice on capacity, security, regression and resilience / fail over testing
  • Advice on test, monitoring and security equipment to ensure performance
  • Professional Services for in-depth analysis, collation and correlation of results

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