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Revolutionising your test environments

If you want to reduce time to market, accelerate software upgrades, or see further return from your test tool investments, a new generation of efficiency gains is now available with the automation of tests and environments.

But if you are yet to add automation, your Engineers will have to carry out some menial on-site steps prior to running a test - which will prolong the taken time to reach positive and lucrative outcomes. These low-value-add tasks can include:

  • Checking resources are available for the required test
  • Configuring the physical layer to ensure equipment is operational
  • Loading configurations on to devices under test and test equipment

Once complete, the test results may require analysis bringing together results from different equipment into a single test document.

This time-consuming approach is not compatible with today’s drive for fast releases and increased productivity. Moreover, each menial step increases the likelihood of errors through:

  • Poor quality cables due to continual insertion and removal
  • Incorrect layer 1 connectivity or ports incompatibility
  • Lack of knowledge for rarely used infrastructure

Test Automation is the answer

Our test automation options remove the time-consuming manual interventions that inhibit innovation and fast releases - letting your Engineers focus on where they are best used - analysing and resolving issues to ensure projects are delivered on time.

Enterprise, DevOps, and Software Test Environments

If you are involved with DevOps, device, or software testing, you will probably have to book resources, set up tests, and format multiple results in to one report.

These tasks often need manual on-site work and consume time that would be better spent carrying out the required actions identified by the tests.

Our test automation software takes away all this pain by automating the booking, setting up, running, and reporting of your tests across your physical, hybrid, and cloud environments. This lets you focus on what matters most; accelerating innovation and new releases.

Not only do we provide and configure our test automation software to Labs and DevOps Teams wishing to save time and money, we use it in our own Cyberlab for:

  • Scheduling and controlling customer demonstrations
  • Quickly loading pre-designed test blueprints
  • Controlling multiple vendor test tools via one GUI
  • Gracefully powering the Lab up and down

If you want to save time and accelerate positive outcomes, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Regression Lab Automation

As network products become more complex, so do their testing requirements; as a result, an ever increasing portion of the product development cycle is spent on QA and regression testing.

Automating the test lab can shorten the QA test cycle, reduce the lab’s CAPEX and OPEX requirements, and increase test coverage and product quality.

We bring game-changing efficiencies to regression labs through the one time physical connection of test equipment and devices under test, and the automation of test scheduling, execution, and results formatting.

A regression lab automation solution from Phoenix Datacom will often consist of:

  • Our test automation software for the efficient control of the entire test environment
  • A matrix switch for the clean, one time connection of test tools and devices

Our matrix switches provide a robust and deterministic switching infrastructure to ensure that there is no manipulation of the data that could potentially cause an issue with your test results. All other types of switching system would require the manipulation of the traffic in some way, and therefore are not built for lab use.

Our independence here is key to your successful outcomes because we have scoured the market to find best electrical and all-optical matrix switches available in both low, medium, and high port counts, and can help you integrate them to your lab and configure our test automation software for the efficient control of your entire test infrastructure.

True remote access & 24/7/365 testing

This era of continued home working makes remote access to your test lab more important than ever before. And remote access can be particularly important to attract and retain high calibre Engineers whose distance from your lab would ordinarily preclude them from joining your company.

In most labs, you are going to find many devices and platforms to run tests, so this means finding a way to communicate with these devices remotely – implying that you have to give access to each of these systems through your corporate Firewall.

Our approach to test automation provides an easy way to remotely access and control your lab and execute tests because the entire infrastructure is controlled via our automation software. You can effectively set up your lab and lock the door.

Moreover, the use of multiple test systems can mean training Engineers to use many different test tools, which can delay tests and project delivery. Our automation software responds by controlling every tool in the test environment with one, easy to use GUI for which all your Engineers can be familiar.

This also helps to keep delays to a minimum when Engineers are on holiday or join another department because more people will know how to use the equipment.

Lab automation & remote access case study

Network Operator saves 10 working weeks per year with Test & Environment Automation

The challenge

Wi-Fi router testing is time consuming and requires Engineers to be on-site to perform the tests and then rotate the router being tested by one degree ready to start the process again. As the router needed to be tested at 1 degree intervals, this meant setting up and performing the test 360 times.

Without automation, the painstaking process of manual setup of testing environments and extraction of results greatly limits testing and troubleshooting scalability.

Our client asked us to enable 24/7 testing and automation of the entire process without Engineers needing to be on-site.

The Phoenix solution

Our solution involved the provision of a traffic generation platform to provide high-speed real user traffic between WiFi router and endpoints, and our automation software to automate and control the entire test environment.

This enabled our client to automate:

The loading of test blueprints and running of all tests
Movement of the mechanical turntable under the router by 1 degree after each test
Extraction of all test results combined in one single project test result document

The outcome

The solution helps our client to improve its customer experience by accelerating Wi-Fi router time to market, the ability to provide software updates to routers for existing customers and identify and solve technical issues.

Our solution also removes the need for Engineers to be on-site to carry out the tests.

Added value

In addition to the test environment automation and remote access we enabled, we were also able to provide a regular automated systems check of the entire test infrastructure to report on the health of each test tool and alert to any calibration, failures, or updates needed in good time before the equipment is next required.

“The Phoenix solution effectively reduced test time from 12 weeks down to 2 weeks by removing the need for our Engineers to be on-site performing manual tasks that automation can perform with a consistent repeatability. Focusing on higher-value actions identified during the tests is a more productive use of our time and enables us to accelerate innovations that deliver a better quality of experience for our customers.”

Head of Test Automation at a UK Network Operator

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