We ensure many of the networks and finance platforms critical to the UK’s infrastructure and economy remain online, secure, and performing optimally.
Services that take away the pain and let you concentrate on what matters most.
Managed Security Monitoring
Improving security and delivering the business outcomes you need...
Managed Zero Trust Access
Managing a secure access strategy is often thankless and seldom desirable...
Managed Security Testing
Ensuring security tools can block new threats is key to success, but hard to run...
Lab as a Service
A place where you can develop and test without contraints like data centre change controls and restricted access...
Solutions and services to industry-specific Network, Monitoring, Security, and Test Automation challenges.

Your Trusted Visibility Partner

We design, provision, and manage visibility layers and fabric that ensure many of the networks and financial transaction platforms critical to the UK’s infrastructure and economy remain online and secure.

Whether you need to build a scalable network or data centre, safely make security changes, or monitor application performance in real-time, we have your needs covered with our high-speed Network Switches for infrastructure, and Network Visibility solutions and services that enable security resilience and performance monitoring.

“You delivered the hardware in record time, supported 12 overnight implementations and stepped in to train, resolve issues and advised more times than I can remember.”

Project Lead, Major UK Bank