We ensure many of the networks and finance platforms critical to the UK’s infrastructure and economy remain online, secure, and performing optimally.
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Managed Security Testing
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Solutions and services to industry-specific Network, Monitoring, Security, and Test Automation challenges.

Monitoring Content Delivery Networks

Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of distributed CDN environments with actionable intelligence to reduce churn and protect revenues.

Poor CDN performance and blind spots can instantly affect your customer’s quality of experience, which can impact reputation and revenue.

Relied upon by NetFlix, the BBC, and many more, our real-time analytics platform lets you streamline CDN log file analysis from multiple sources to better understand the relationship that latency and user behaviour have with streamed video, applications, and web site performance. It can also alert you to illegal attempts to access your content.

Whether you are a CDN Provider or you use CDNs for your own content delivery, contact us to discuss your requirements and hear how we can supply, integrate, and even manage our CDN monitoring platform to your environment.

“The Sumo Platform has brought order, standards, and visibility to what had been a very haphazard approach to dealing with our massive amounts of machine data.”

Dan Jackson, Principal Architect, Channel 4.

Network Performance Monitoring

Pinpointing and resolving performance issues over IP, Broadcast, Linear TV, Production, Satellite, and 5G Mobile networks.

Content can only be as good as the networks used to deliver it. Whether you are a Network Operator or rely on them to carry your services, you need real-time visibility of performance-degrading issues before revenues can be impacted.

We provide and manage solutions that ensure many of the Broadcast and Operator networks critical the UK’s content delivery remain online, secure, and performing optimally.

Whether you install, upgrade, or troubleshoot networks, contact us to talk about your challenges and hear how we help companies like yours to monitor and resolve network performance issues.

Quality of Experience Monitoring (QoE)

We can show you the end-user’s Quality of Experience for any app or service, on any device, over any network technology. We can also benchmark against your competitors.

We work hard to rid the world of poor user-experience, but you can’t do that until you can see through the eyes of your customers. Whether you depend on apps, web sites, or video, we can show you the end-user’s QoE on any type of device over any network technology.

Furthermore, due to the way in which our platform interacts with devices and content, you can also benchmark against your competitors to help you attract new customers and reduce churn.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Broadcast & CDN Monitoring

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