We ensure many of the networks and finance platforms critical to the UK’s infrastructure and economy remain online, secure, and performing optimally.
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Solutions and services to industry-specific Network, Monitoring, Security, and Test Automation challenges.

The competence you expect from your security provider

We help ensure many of the networks and financial platforms critical to the UK’s infrastructure and economy remain online and secure.

Whether you need a solution to a specific threat vector or are looking for a strategic partner to help you prioritise and address your security needs, you have come to the right place.

Addressing your needs

No two customers are the same, so we take a holistic approach to protect everything that’s important to your company – whilst ensuring security compliance and staff productivity.

We can provide solutions to your challenges, and even manage those solutions for you.

Network Security

Before we get started; you might not need to upgrade...

If you are seeking a specific network security solution, we can supply, integrate, and manage industry-leading solutions for you.

However, at times we find that addressing one problem can create unforeseen focus required elsewhere. On other occasions we see that new investment can be averted simply with some configuration changes or by changing something else that may not seem so obvious.

This is why we encourage you to engage with us when you have a network security challenge, so we can take a holistic approach and address the problem in the most efficient way.

Typical case points include:

  • Delaying the need to buy new Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Reducing log ingestion charges for Security Information Event Management (SIEM) tools
  • Ensuring your network security tools can block new threats as they emerge

Tell us what you want to achieve – and we can do the rest. And if it turns out you do need a network security upgrade, we can design and manage solutions to address your evolving needs without impacting anything else.

Contact us today to discuss your network security challenges.

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Security Protection Layers

If now is the time to upgrade your security measures, we have already done the hard part for you because we constantly monitor the security ecosystem, find intelligent ways to address threats, and evaluate the options available to provide you with real solutions to your challenges; solutions we can provide and even manage for you.

Zero Trust Security (for secure remote access)

VPNs can struggle to enable secure access and a productive digital experience

And as VPN technology has not progressed much since the 1990’s, it's easy to see how they can inadvertently provide unauthorised network and asset visibility.

Based on context, our Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution dynamically creates 1-to-1 connections between the user and the resources they need - just for the required duration.

This reduces the threat surface by creating a discrete, encrypted network segment of one - rendering everything else invisible and inaccessible.

Whether you need to provide safe and controlled access for third party Contractors, or are looking to replace your entire VPN with something designed for today’s digital era, our Zero Trust solution will provide the secure, contextual, and easy-to-use means to achieve this.

Contact us today to discuss your secure connectivity challenges.

Blocking all known Bad IP Addresses

A good Firewall can usually process up to 10,000 rules, so managing them to ensure they are blocking new bad IP addresses or geographies can be time consuming and costly.

Further down the security chain, sophisticated tools like Malware Sandboxes and Intrusion Prevention Systems are meant to stop advanced and targeted threats, so burdening them to filter traffic you already know to be bad can increase the chances of a damaging threat getting through.

And towards the end of the chain, you may have a Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) tool taking in logs and duplicate alerts from multiple security tools.

All of these factors can combine to create the perfect storm of rising costs and too much manual work.

The answer is with Automatic IP Blocking.

Updated with new threat intel every 5 minutes, our IP Blocking solution sits pre-Firewall and automatically stops connections to and from IP Addresses already known to be bad, hijacked, or unregistered.

Not only does this remove the need for manual Firewall changes – it also prevents sophisticated security layers from filtering traffic you already know to be bad or irrelevant.

Moreover. Our platform can reduce the log ingestion charges from your SIEM tool, not only because your traffic volumes have been reduced (sometimes by up to half), but also because there will be fewer instances of multiple security tools feeding duplicate alerts for the SIEM to process.

And it takes just a few minutes to set up:

  1. Connect the power and Ethernet cables
  2. Choose between ‘Reporting only’ and ‘Blocking only’ modes
  3. Walk away – it updates automatically

If you want to improve security and save money, contact us today to discuss your needs.

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Mitigated

A Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack occurs when an attacker uses multiple systems to flood the bandwidth and resources of a targeted system – usually a server hosting a web site or application.

Gone are the days where DDoS attacks were launched exclusively by cyber-criminals. Companies can now buy Botnets that serve to barrage their competitors’ web site with DDoS attacks designed to take them down.

With visibility into one-third of the world’s internet traffic, our DDoS Mitigation platform provides early warning and blocking of DDoS attacks before they can take down servers and the applications and web sites they host.

If your web site or applications are critical to your business, and downtime costs money or reputational damage, contact us today to learn how we can protect them against the growing threat of targeted DDoS attacks.

Email Security Protection

Different mail security tools are often viewed as much of the same, leading some companies to tick a convenient email security box in Google Mail or Microsoft 365.

But the reality can be a huge capability delta between tick box tools and a platform like ours that goes beyond known signatures and blacklisted URLs to spot spear-phishing, evaluate links, and safely detonate suspicious attachments in a virtual environment.

This lets you:

  • Block spear-phishing, sender impersonation and credential-harvesting exploits in real-time
  • Be prepared for the latest malware and attack techniques – with intel updates every 60 minutes
  • Simplify setup & management – no hardware/software to install, patch or upgrade

And if you are wondering about convenience, our platform easily integrates with Office 365 Exchange Online and other cloud, and on-prem email services.

And to save more time, our tailorable Managed Security Service means we can also take care of your other security tools, like 2-Factor Authentication and Anti-Virus as and when they are due for renewal – providing you with one, predictable monthly subscription for all your security needs.

Save time and improve security. Contact us today to discuss your email security challenges.

Secure Web Browsing

Despite decades of investment in web security, employee web access continues to present one of the most significant cyber-security risks. And whether you like it or not, your employees need to access the internet.

Our secure web browsing platform provides the secure means to click any link and visit web sites that contain malware, but without the malware being able to reach the network or endpoint.

This is not the same approach as VDI-based solutions that lack scalability and, ironically – have their own security vulnerabilities. We like to think of it as being similar to an airgap network, but without the drawbacks in Quality of Experience or user-acceptance.

Whether you need to safely perform dark web investigations or empower your workforce to use the internet and click any link without fear of malware infection, contact us today to discuss your needs.

Endpoint Protection

Desktops, laptops, and servers are all target points for criminal entry, so securing these devices with endpoint protection measures should be a given for companies large and small.

But contrary to growing perceptions, not all endpoint protection tools are made equal, and our platform goes beyond the blocking of common malware to provide:

  • Detection of threat activity with real-time indicators of compromise
  • The stopping of advanced threats and blocking of application exploits
  • Forensic information to investigate the root cause of an issue

And if you are just looking to save time by ticking an endpoint protection box in Microsoft 365, don’t forget we can take care of all your perimeter security needs and provide you with one, predictable monthly subscription.

Save time and improve security. Contact us today to discuss your endpoint protection challenges.

Your Security Compliance Delivered

If it makes it easier to get things done, the temptation can be very real for employees and supply chains to use unsanctioned cloud storage for company files. This can lead to a whole host of damaging data and compliance breaches.

Our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution prevents breaches by detecting and blocking data use both at rest (when stored on digital platforms) and in motion (when travelling between platforms and devices). This effectively renders files useless when unsanctioned access is attempted.

And our Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a web-based portal that your staff can use for safely accessing your company applications. This lets you protect sensitive information and adhere to security policies whilst reaping the rewards of cloud migration and digital transformation.

And for your convenience, our platform combines DLP and CASB to provide a simple and cost-effective solution to your data and security compliance needs across any cloud platform.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Is Microsoft 365 Security the best answer to your needs?

Whether you have E3 or E5 licences, a tick in the box does not always offer the right security for your needs, and might not always be the most cost-effective option.

We think that having a direct line to your security provider is key to your success. Our customers tell us they value our local, friendly, and responsive approach to supporting them with their needs before and during their contract term.

However, ticking that box to say you are covered is all that is required by some companies, but if you need something different, working with a provider like Phoenix Datacom with best of breed security tools from world-leading vendors means you are never far away from a friendly and responsive security partner who truly understands and cares about your needs.

And if you want to save time, we can also consolidate your existing security subscriptions into one monthly bill, things like: 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), Email Security, Endpoint Protection, and cloud platform-agnostic security compliance.

Contact us today if you want to upgrade your security and experience a new category of customer-centric service.

Security Resilience

Whether or not you are upgrading security protection measures now, you still need to ensure they do not fail and that essential updates can take place without affecting uptime.

We can take away the risk of security failure by safely routing your traffic to other security layers for filtering before it reaches the live network.

We can also monitor security tool health and take appropriate action when needed. This means unforseen security failures and essential maintenance will never affect your security or network uptime.

  • 24/7/365 security uptime
  • Upgrades made without disruption
  • Increased security tool lifespan

We at Phoenix Datacom are the UK leaders in security resilience. We design, provision, and manage security and monitoring resilience solutions for some of the world’s most well-known Enterprises, Network Operators, and Financial Organisations.

Contact us today to explore your security resilience challenges and how we can deliver a solution or service to resolve them.

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