The huge growth of cloud-based applications means the use of SSL and TLS encrypted traffic is increasing at a similar rate, and whilst encrypted traffic provides security for application data, most security layers (IPS, Sandbox, AV etc) are unable to see the malware cyber-criminals place inside encrypted traffic.


This means your security layers could be passing malware in to your network right now.


The ability to unlock encrypted application traffic to allow filtering by security layers is not new, but we can also perform decryption at the Visibility Layer.

If you already have a dedicated decryption device, this new approach adds further resiliency whilst providing the means to ease the load placed on your existing decryption layer.

For companies yet to adopt decryption, this presents an easy and convenient way to do so, at the same time as improving the resiliency of the security measures in place.

Don’t worry, we know for various regulatory reasons, you might not want visibility of certain information, such as credit card numbers or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), so we can set appropriate rules to ensure you only unlock the parts of the traffic you really need for malware filtering.

We provide and support SSL/TLS Decryption solutions from world-leading manufacturers and can recommend and install a suitable option based on your unique challenges.

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