The huge growth of applications means most organisations did not build their networks and data centres with traffic visibility in mind, so many do not have the internal resource required to design, retro-fit and run a visibility layer delivering the resilience and scalability they need.


We design, provision, support and manage security and monitoring visibility layers that ensure many of the communication networks and financial transaction platforms critical to the UK’s infrastructure and economy remain online, secure and able to scale with demand.


Working to your unique challenges and environment, we can provide you with a visibility layer that delivers your requirements of today and that quickly scales as your needs change.

Common deliverables include:

  • Auditing your data centre infrastructure and designing a visibility layer ensuring traffic is accessed at the right points

  • Provision of power-safe Network Packet Brokers to filter and load-balance the traffic across the security layers

  • Testing the entire security infrastructure to ensure capacity and that the desired action comes in to effect in the event of security or monitoring tool failure

  • Management of the visibility layer ensuring the security and monitoring capability can scale with the growth of the network.

Case Studies 

See how we increased and proved in-line security fail-safe and enabled comprehensive Network Performance Intelligence for a major High Street Bank.

Click here to see how we provide a Mobile Network Operator with essential revenue-generating feeds with a visibility layer we designed, provisioned and manage 24/7/365.


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