Network Packet Brokers from Phoenix Datacom enable organisations to improve security resiliency and resolve performance problems across physical and virtual infrastructure.


This is achieved by aggregating, filtering and replicating traffic to your security layers, adding resilience and fail-safe in the event of security device failure, and sending copies of all, or certain traffic to a packet capture device, application or network performance monitoring solution.


Key advanced features include:

  • Combining network connections to increase throughput & redundancy

  • Filtering traffic to an alternative security layer if others go offline

  • Replicating traffic for packet capture and performance monitoring

  • Data Masking to strip out PII for compliance like GDPR & PCI DSS

  • Session-Aware Load-Balancing for control of traffic & session integrity

  • Stripping Data so your security and monitoring tools can understand it

  • SSL Decryption to let security layers look for malware in app traffic

  • Packet De-Duplication to ensure tools do not receive duplicate data from multiple sources.


Furthermore, we can provide the ability to categorise and forward to your desired security or performance monitoring devices either packet traffic or enriched meta-data records based on specific detailed criteria.

This could be based on any combination of layer 7 application classification, Service Provider, geolocation, browser or type of device used. This also provides real-time correlated session, application and geolocation-based statistical information.

Leading UK experts integrating and supporting Network Packet Brokers

We design, provision, support and manage Visibility Layers that ensure many of the communication networks and financial transaction platforms critical to the UK’s infrastructure and economy remain online and secure.

This means we can make sure your security and monitoring needs will scale with the growth of your organisation’s reliance on bandwidth-hungry services and applications, as well as support the delivery of your regulatory compliance commitments.

Watch our short video to see the true value of Network Packet Brokers


We provide and support Network Packet Brokers from world-leading manufacturers and can recommend a solution specific to your unique challenges.

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