As your number of internet/WAN links, data centres and use of applications grows, so does your dependency on the network – so any downtime can have a catastrophic effect on your ability to function as a business.


The resilient connection of security devices, called a Network Visibility layer, lets you send specific traffic to your desired destinations and set a course of action for connectivity or security device outages.

Network Visibility

This makes the security measures you have in place more resilient and allows for configuration changes and security upgrades to take place without risking downtime.

Furthermore, with visibility of the traffic and the means to aggregate, replicate, filter, slice, strip and de-dupe data packets as required, your network, security and applications teams will all benefit from your Visibility Layer.


We at Phoenix Datacom design, provision, support and manage Visibility Layers that ensure many of the communication networks and financial transaction platforms critical to the UK’s infrastructure and economy remain online and secure.

Our experience in this area means we can make sure your security and monitoring needs will scale with the growth of your organisation’s reliance on bandwidth-hungry services and applications, as well as support the delivery of your regulatory compliance commitments.


“You delivered the hardware in record time, supported 12 overnight implementations and stepped in to train, resolve issues and advised more times than I can remember.”

Project Lead, Major UK Bank