With our multi-million pound test house facility equipped with stateful traffic and malware generation capabilities, our Engineers can simulate your networked environment.

This demonstrates how the cyber-security, performance monitoring and network visibility solutions you have under consideration will cope when deployed.


We can help with:

  • Minimising the number of inline devices (bumps in the wire) to achieve your required security and performance levels

  • Identifying unforeseen compatibility issues and realistic throughput performance to verify vendor datasheet claims

  • Testing interoperability between critical inline security layers and automatic failover scenarios.

Customers can use our test facility for projects they wish to run by themselves, as well as long-term initiatives and scenarios that require exclusive use and professional testing services from our dedicated Engineers.

Common requirements include:

  • Finding the DDoS Mitigation solution most-appropriate to the needs of your organisation

  • Evaluating the best Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) for throughput, ability to locate and stop advanced malware, and to inspect VLAN-tagged or encrypted traffic

  • Assessing new potential network fabrics (Switches, Routers, NAT Routers, WiFi Networks etc) are able to deliver the latency, precision time propagation and throughput demands of your organisation

  • Honing-in on the Deep Packet Capture and Forensic Analysis solutions that deliver your organisation’s cyber-security needs and compliance obligations.

Our services also enable you to quickly verify configuration scenarios for real-world performance to deploy new solutions with confidence.


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