Without the concrete foundation of network traffic visibility in place, it is extremely challenging to scale cyber-security protection and performance monitoring capabilities with the exponential growth rate of data, applications, services and malware sophistication.


Furthermore, as cyber-threats continue to become more targeted, it is absolutely critical that your security measures in place are resilient and able to quickly apply protocols set for times of sustained attack, or the failure of an inline (bump in the wire) security protection layer.

This network mediation layer provides the visibility to achieve:

  • For Security: Regulatory compliance (CBEST, MiFID II etc) and more resilient cyber-security with inline failover and feeds to Intrusion Prevention Systems, with the flexibility to add new security layers (DDoS Mitigation, SSL decryption etc) very quickly and with minimal downtime

  • For Monitoring: Copies of traffic from multiple data centres sent out of band (passively) to network monitoring probes, also ensuring scalability and just as importantly, eliminating the possibility of the network monitoring solution itself becoming a potential point of network failure.

You can rely on us to implement resilient cyber-security and monitoring solutions that maximise the security and availability of your critical network, systems and applications.



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