To learn the true limits of your network infrastructure and security devices, as well as their ability to reliably deliver critical new services and applications, you need to test them under a wide range of scenarios prior to deployment.

Regardless of your company type, you need to know that your network and security appliances are capable of delivering at least the numbers and capabilities claimed in their datasheets. We can help provide you with the information and numbers needed to make informed decisions for current capabilities and to plan accordingly for future requirements.

  • Enterprises & Finance


    Adopt new services and applications with the peace of mind that your network can deliver them. Make informed decisions over cyber-security protection with the intel required to cut through the noise and find the right solutions for your organisation.


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  • Telecommunications Carriers & CATV

    Accelerate your core, metro and access area network roll outs and expansions, verify your peered connections and differentiate your company in one of the most competitive and fast moving industries in the world today.


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  • Network Equipment Manufacturers

    Reduce time-to-market and improve the quality of your products and devices with rigorous real-world testing against performance specifications. Make your test & measurement equipment available across all your sites 24/7 regardless of its physical location.


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