Network Packet Brokers provide visibility, real-time access and the ability to aggregate your selected network data to make maximum use of your cyber-security protection and network/data centre monitoring solutions.


We call this a monitoring/security mediation layer and have already designed, provisioned and now manage such infrastructures for some of the world’s most well-known organisations. This increases network and data centre resiliency whilst providing further and easy to demonstrate return on ICT investments.



Working to your unique challenges, our security-cleared Engineers can design and build your mediation layer and train your teams to get the very best from the system, or even run it for you as a fully-tailored managed service.


Retro-fitting your network/data centre for improved security & monitoring capabilities

With the growth of VoIP, video, internet traffic and cloud-based services and applications, the need to monitor your data becomes even more critical for successful roll-outs and optimal staff performance. At the same time, existing data centre monitoring measures can struggle to keep up with the demands and growth of bandwidth-hungry business activities.

Many customers turn to Phoenix Datacom to help them improve and retain their data monitoring and visibility capabilities, and in such cases, we have designed, provisioned and implemented fully-meshed solutions to direct selected data to the desired monitoring and security appliances. This provides clear network data visibility, improved resiliency and the ability to quickly incorporate other technologies and solutions, such as SSL decryption/re-encryption, data loss prevention, in-line intrusion protection and advanced threat protection.

Quick Case Point

In order to support its monitoring environment, we have installed and now fully manage an in-line traffic grooming service for a major UK Mobile Operator.

As network structures continue to change with the roll-out of 4G/LTE, we work diligently to provide technical expertise and quickly resolve any issues that may arise within the network. Our customer is reliant on the successful and efficient running of this managed service in order to meet its monitoring requirements and Service Level Agreements.