Poor performance from the network or your applications is extremely costly in terms of lost business and reductions in staff productivity, plus the time and expense of troubleshooting and rectifying problems when they arise. It doesn’t matter if the issue is with the network, application, database or server, poor performance and downtime is a company issue.

The ability to identify which team has responsibility for fixing an under-performing application is a good start on the road to re-mediation, but wouldn’t you prefer to identify and fix the problem before it can affect your business-critical applications and staff productivity?

We integrate and support the solutions you need to reduce your costs by allowing you to monitor and alert on performance and then rapidly identify and troubleshoot problems with pinpoint accuracy.

This means we can provide you with tangible answers to questions such as:

  • Can we persistently monitor application traffic between virtualised servers and end users?

  • Will we have visibility of application traffic when we switch to Software Defined Networking?

  • Can we reduce application response time between servers and remote users thousands of miles apart?

  • Can we use our real-time traffic data to help us make informed business and operational decisions?

Drawing on our extensive experience and the fact that we only work with the very best solution partners, we can provide and support the right solution to your unique pain-points to quickly improve your network and application performance, and allow you to enjoy a healthy return on your investment.


Are you considering a network/application performance improvement solution but have run out of SPAN ports?

Do you need help to meet increasing demands for network and application traffic visibility to your performance monitoring appliances?

If so, you will be pleased to know that with careful design planning and the provision of Network Packet Brokers, we help organisations of all shapes and sizes to take a sample of selected network traffic to direct it to their network, application performance and/or cyber security protection appliances. This protects their monitoring and security appliances and allows them to scale with the growth of their network and data centre expansions. This can also dramatically increase in-line security resiliency.

We call this a monitoring/security mediation layer and have designed and implemented such solutions for many customers when seeking to improve their network/application performance and cyber security protection capabilities.

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