Gone are the days where good processes and procedures provided adequate protection against cyber-crime. Attackers are more capable and erudite than at any previous point in time. This means multiple layers of cyber-security protection in-depth are now considered standard across all industries – if you have something of value, you are a target.

With this in mind, we have carefully selected a small group of world-leading security solutions, stressed and validated them in our Cyberlab and only invited who we believe to be the best vendors in their respective areas join to our cyber-security ecosystem. We believe this provides our customers with the type of added peace of mind often sought when selecting a new security solution but rarely found.

See our security solutions in action 

Our Cyberlab at our operations in Buckinghamshire is equipped with demonstration equipment for all the latest cyber-security protection solutions we provide and support. Due to our test, measurement and validation capabilities, we can also create real-world scenarios and generate malware to show the true value of the solutions we provide and support in context to your unique organisation and requirements.

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Why do world-leading solution vendors want to work with Phoenix Datacom?


Established in 1984 and committed to ethical business practices, we grow our own technical and business development staff from apprentice level right up to fully qualified, security-cleared experts in their areas of specialisation. This provides our vendor partners with a highly-competent and reliable extension to their local teams – giving them the support they need in the UK, as well as valuable market-driven input for the on-going development of their products and solutions.

What’s more, our Cyberlab is equipped with the tools required for stress testing vendor solutions to demonstrate their absolute performance envelopes. We believe this and our technical pedigree make us a truly unique provider of advanced ICT enablement solutions and professional services.

In Phoenix Datacom, customers and vendors have a reliable partner that is technically competent, extremely professional and very easy to do business with.