One of the core foundations of cyber-security is the ability to identify and analyse attacks and breaches – without it, you can’t take evasive action, assess the extent of the damage, and prevent future such harm.

Furthermore, with regulatory compliances such as GDPR, MiFID II and PCI DSS requiring companies to capture and store data to support compliance reporting, and in some instances store – or specifically not store payment card data – the need for sophisticated Packet Capture becomes all the more vital.


  • Banking & Financial Organisations rely on Packet Capture to measure and pinpoint trade latency issues, reconstruct trade events to demonstrate regulatory compliance, as well as to replay trade data to continually improve HFT algorithm efficiency.

  • Delivery of Lawful Intercept requires Service Providers to work with Secure Agencies to provide access to the packets they need. Lossless data captured and stored at full line rate provides the means to quickly isolate packets of interest for forensic analysis.

  • Whether a Prevention-Only or Breach Response strategy is adopted for Enterprises, Packet Capture provides the critical ingredients to analyse the who, what, where and when of attacks and breaches, and just as importantly; the platform to take appropriate action.

Cutting edge Packet Capture capabilities

Whether you want to capture all data or just certain protocols, send them to analysis tools, search for specifics, perform full reconstruction or look for packets from bad IP addresses, we can help you:

  • Capture and store your data at all network speeds up to 100Gbps

  • Quickly retrieve stored packets when you really need them

  • Reconstruct traffic to show email, web views instant messaging and actual screens

  • Search documents (such as Word, Excel & PowerPoint) for specific terms and phrases

  • Comply with regulatory compliance commitments such as GDPR, MiFID II and PCI DSS.

Regardless of whether you want to capture packets for an hour, a day, a month or even a year, we can provide you with a Packet Capture solution that gives you the complete picture of network performance issues and cyber-attacks affecting your organisation.

Force multiplication with Deep Packet Capture & advanced Threat Feeds

  • With access to threat intelligence feeds from world-leading security providers, we can enhance your Packet Capture solution with invaluable information. This combination provides the near instant contextual visibility of where the breach occurred, the subsequent path taken and the resulting damage.

    Such capability is not only critical to alert to and contain particularly lethal attacks, but also for compliance with GDPR stipulations that breaches should be reported to the authorities within 72 hours of discovery.

  • Phoenix-Datacom-GDPR-compliance-packet-capture

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