Advanced solutions and fully tailorable Professional Services

Without knowing the performance envelope of your cyber-security protection environment and where the most gaping vulnerabilities lie, you can’t make informed decisions over system configurations, health-checks or even prioritise the procurement of new security solutions.

Testing your security environment with real-world traffic, loads and malware means you can put un-disputable confidence and numbers behind answers to key questions, such as:

  • Can our critical systems, applications, internet connection and web site be taken down by a DDoS attack?

  • In which order do we need to consider upgrading our current security protection capabilities?

  • How do we decide between new competing security solutions under consideration?

  • Can we battle-test our Intrusion Detection/Protection System using the most up-to-date malware?

  • Can we ensure our critical systems remain resilient during patch and reconfiguration changes?

We provide organisations small and large with solutions and professional services to find the absolute performance envelope of their cyber-security protection solutions.

Not only do they receive far better protection from acts of cyber-crime and accidental internal breach, they also benefit from the ability to make informed decisions quickly and in line with business demands.


Security testing professional services

Our security-cleared Engineers are trusted to perform security testing and solution verification for some of the world’s largest banks, Government departments and telecommunications carriers in context to their unique environments.

If you would like to talk to us in more detail about how we can help you verify and improve solution performance and business adaptability, please contact your Phoenix Datacom Account Manager, call us on (01296) 397711 or fill out the short form below.


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