Attackers are more determined than ever, more sophisticated with their methods and more likely to cause serious harm to reputations, intellectual property and bottom line.

Cyber-criminals are patient and seek to remain undetected in the networked environment to steal data and harm businesses over an extended period of time. They develop custom malware and use tactics that can often be difficult to detect using conventional approaches.


Contact Phoenix Datacom if you think you have been breached

We are passionate about protecting everything that is important to you, and that is why our security-cleared Engineers have teamed up with our colleagues at FireEye to provide a professional service to locate and identify malware and targeted attacks to your network and critical data, performing:

Security Incident Response

Providing you with a detailed report of attackers’ activities and evidence of IP theft, and where they are still active in the network environment.

Compromise Assessments

Identifying targeted intrusions and recommending steps for swift remediation, forensic reconstruction (where appropriate) and the action required for mitigating and preventing future such attacks and breaches.

Response Readiness Assessments

Reviewing your security infrastructure and practices to help you improve your ability to detect and mitigate advanced and targeted attacks to your network, staff and critical information.

If you think you have been attacked or have suffered a breach don’t waste time, contact your Phoenix Datacom Account Manager, call us on (01296) 397711 or fill out the short form below.

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