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Whether you know you have been compromised (either by external malicious parties or accidental internal breach) or you wish to increase resiliency against cyber-attacks in general, where do you start?

All organisations are different and as you may expect, this presents different threat vectors, varying types of cyber-criminal and many different motives and levels of sophistication behind the attacks.


Advanced professional services and industry-leading solutions tested, verified, available from, and supported by Phoenix Datacom

  • Find out if you have been hacked

    Professional Services to provide security incident response, compromise assessment and where necessary, forensic analysis of attacks and breaches.

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  • How robust are your security solutions?

    Stress testing your existing security appliances to find their true performance envelopes in context to your unique organisation, as well as running bake-offs between solutions under consideration to determine their true performance envelopes Vs the vendor’s datasheet claims.

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  • Which core security layers are most appropriate to your organisation?

    Core security layers used by organisations small and large: DDoS Mitigation, IDS/IPS, SSL inspection, Zero-day & APT protection, Next-Gen Firewalls, Packet Capture, Encryption for Data Centre segmentation & secure remote access without the risks of VPN.

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  • Increase the coverage, effectiveness & resiliency of your security solutions

    In-line protection of cyber-security devices provides high-availability through enhanced resiliency. This also allows you to see further use and return from the devices you are already using right now.

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See our security solutions in action

Our Cyberlab at our operations in Buckinghamshire is equipped with demonstration equipment for all the latest cyber-security protection solutions we provide and support. Due to our test, measurement and validation capabilities, we can also create real-world scenarios and generate malware to show the true value of the solutions we provide and support in context to your unique organisation and requirements. Learn more.

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