Most companies think they use between 40 and 50 unsanctioned apps, but the average number actually exceeds 1,500*.

Moreover, this recent wave of mandatory homeworking can trigger the temptation to use unsanctioned apps and unprotected (potentially malware-infested) home devices, but this can lead to many more instances of sensitive data leaving IT’s visibility and policy, not to mention breaching GDPR.

This means existing policy issues and office-based staff now working from home can combine to stir up the perfect storm of Shadow IT headaches.

To address this, we provide Data Loss Prevention tools (DLP) that detect and block the opening and use of sensitive documents that accidentally (or deliberately) reach undesirable places, even if shared by USB memory stick or cloud apps. Applying the appropriate policy to sensitive documents in this way means they will be rendered completely useless if they leave your environment or control.

Our DLP tool will also give you visibility of your sensitive data wherever it resides: cloud, endpoints, email, web and repositories.

To further reduce the opportunity for data leaving your environment, we also provide and support industry-leading Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) that sit between users and cloud apps to monitor all activity and strictly enforce your security policies. And given this new era of homeworking and the temptation for staff to use their own storage accounts and devices for work-related activity, now is definitely the time to upgrade your security policy enforcement capability.

* 2018 Symantec Shadow Data Report.

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