We ensure many of the networks and finance platforms critical to the UK’s infrastructure and economy remain online, secure, and performing optimally.
Services that take away the pain and let you concentrate on what matters most.
Managed Security Monitoring
Improving security and delivering the business outcomes you need...
Managed Zero Trust Access
Managing a secure access strategy is often thankless and seldom desirable...
Managed Security Testing
Ensuring security tools can block new threats is key to success, but hard to run...
Lab as a Service
A place where you can develop and test without contraints like data centre change controls and restricted access...
Solutions and services to industry-specific Network, Monitoring, Security, and Test Automation challenges.

Managed Security Monitoring

We know that security monitoring, sifting through false positives, and prioritising threats for investigation are not high on everyone’s wish list, so with our tailorable options to suit all needs, we can take away this pain to help you to concentrate on what matters most.

Common services often include:

  • Security monitoring support and advice
  • Managed service with reactive monitoring
  • Managed service with pro-active monitoring

Learn more about our Managed Security Monitoring Service here.

Managed Zero Trust Security

VPN, a technology with little development since the 1990’s, can trust blindly, and as we read in the media – is often exploited by hackers.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) addresses all the pitfals of VPN to provide a secure, controlled, and contextual access strategy for your staff, Contractors, and supply chains.

And if you want to upgrade to ZTNA but managing a secure access strategy is low on your wish list, our ZTNA as a Service will deliver your needs whilst letting you concentrate on what matters to you most.

Learn more about our Managed Zero Trust Access Service here.

Managed Security Testing

As new threats emerge and you have neither the budget to buy nor the staff to manage new security tools, the onus is on what you have in place to protect against what it can quickly become ill-equipped to combat.

Our Managed Security Testing Service responds by persistently testing your security infrastructure against the new threats often carefully designed to bypass it – and then we close the gaps.

This empowers you to:

  • Maximise the effectiveness of your existing security measures
  • Obtain a continuous measurement of your security posture & value
  • Prevent recurrence of past incidents and cyber-attacks

Don’t worry. We never interact with your production servers or computers. Instead, we use isolated software endpoints across your network to safely exercise your live security defences.

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