When a hospital in the US was attacked, Niksun’s technology saved the network, protected patient’s confidentiality, and kept the hospital out of the news.

After seeing Niksun’s automatic and instant alert about a blacklisted domain, the hospital’s IT staff used NikOS Everest, the fastest data-in-motion analytics platform, to understand and block downloaded malware.

With just one click, staff discovered the IP address that accessed the domain and used Niksun’s analytic tool to reconstruct the malware that was brought onto their network. This meant that they were able to quickly understand what threat they were facing. Had the domain or file been rendered inactive or untraceable by conventional means, Niksun’s application reconstruction would have still made it visible.

Thinking quickly on their feet, network administrators used Niksun’s tool to block the connection to the malicious server, switch off all infected devices, and isolate them from the network so the malware didn’t spread.

With Niksun, the hospital saved millions in potentially lost reputation, remedy costs, and vital hospital services that could be associated with ransomware or other malicious actions.

Niksun solutions are available and supported by Phoenix Datacom in the UK.

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