Can you ensure the required Quality of Experience (QoE) SLA across all critical platforms & services: Broadcast, Voice, Video, Data, Mobile, Web Site and Applications?

QoS provides answers to questions about the technical ability to deliver a new service, but QoE provides a tangible and objective answer to the only question that now truly matters; Are my customers happy?

Back in the 1990’s, Quality of Service (QoS) was an excellent starting point for assigning and measuring desired levels of service to computer networks and telephony systems.

Today, Applications, Voice, Data, Web Site Interactions and Video Content are critical to everything we do, so it’s easy to see why a new generation method for seeing the end-user’s Quality of Experience (QoE) is equally as critical for everyone involved; from content source, across the Service Provider ecosystem to the end-user.

With QoS no longer providing an accurate picture of what is actually happening from the end-user’s perspective, the Next-Generation of visibility and accuracy provided by QoE lets you see exactly what is happening (for your services and those of your competitors) whilst legacy QoS and monitoring tools tell you everything is fine, even though the call centre and support desk are inundated and the company web site bounce rates increase as customers flock to your competitors.



It’s all about the experience

In the prestigious Mercedes-Benz World Museum in Brooklands, our Next-Generation QoE Summit 2016 will explore the importance of knowing the precise experience seen and heard by the customer across all platforms and devices, and highlight the contemporary ways to stay ahead of the game.

Event key measures covered will include:

  • The experience customers receive when using your web site and those of your competitors

  • Staff productivity when using applications critical to the effective running of your organisation

  • The voice call quality experienced by both parties when customers contact your call centres for support

  • The end-user’s Quality of Experience when viewing broadcast video content on TV, STB and mobile devices

  • Mobile network QoE for voice, video, data and text.

Who should attend the QoE summit?

This is a cross-vertical event, so anyone working for a Service Provider (Mobile or Fixed), Broadcaster, Enterprise or Government Department with responsibility or serious interest in the delivery or success of critical services, applications, video content or web sites will find this event to be of particular value.

QoE summit agenda:

  • Event Welcome & Introduction, John Carson, Managing Director, Phoenix Datacom

  • The quality shift; from Service to Experience, Liam Jackson, Senior Product Manager, Phoenix Datacom

  • Ensuring the QoE of your complete broadcast network, Rolf Ollmar, CEO, Bridge Technologies

  • Ensuring QoE across all Enterprise & Service Provider platforms, Voice, Video, Data, Mobile, Web Site and Applications, Eric Le Trehour, Europe & Asia Business Development Director, Witbe

  • Event summary, Liam Jackson, Phoenix Datacom, followed by networking lunch & track experience.

Registration & AMG Mercedes-Benz driving experience

Join us with our key partners from video content monitoring leaders Bridge Technologies and QoE measurement for any service on any device experts Witbe, at this year’s highly-interactive must-attend event to learn how you can measure and improve the QoE that matters to you, and your competitors.




Register early and secure your place in the hour-long driving experience when our event has finished. This includes an off-road 4×4 course through various exciting terrain followed by a thrill-packed drift around the low-friction skid pan, speed around the race track and 0-60 and emergency stop experience in a high-powered V8 AMG Mercedes-Benz.

It’s all about the experience.





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