Intelligent Tapping, Aggregation and Filtering Devices from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

VSS Monitoring’’s Distributed Series from Phoenix Datacom allow you to access and deliver a copy of your network traffic from 1 or more full-duplex network links to 1 or more passive network monitoring devices.

The devices are capable of any to any input to output port mappings. This allows for replication of traffic to give network visibility to multiple network monitoring devices. An example could be a security IDS and a network performance protocol analyser. This also allows for aggregation so multiple physical network links can be monitored by a single network analyser.

The Distributed Series can either be an in-line tapping device or be used to make efficient use of the outputs of traditional non-managed taps and / or span outputs from switches and routers.

The standard range of distributed devices are capable of packet filtering, speed conversion, selective aggregation, load balancing and intelligent stacking for increasing network access visibility.

The expert range of distributed devices are capable of the standard features plus packet slicing, time stamping, MPLS/VLAN stripping, de-duplication, de-fragmentation and intelligent stacking over IP.

Speeds and Port Density – 10Mbps to 10Gbps

The units are available with different speeds and port densities to support the needs for almost all networking environments, ranging from 8 X 1G ports with the v8 device to right up to 24 X 10G ports with the V24 device, both are pictured above.

Base features include:

  • Layer 2-7 filtering

  • Session-aware load balancing

  • Selective aggregation

  • System management

  • Fail-safe tapping

  • Intelligent stacking.

Packet optimisation includes:

  • MPLS and VLAN stripping

  • Packet Slicing

  • Time Stamping.

Specific applications include:

  • High data burst buffer

  • Packet de-duplication

  • Packet fragment reassembly

  • vStack over IP.

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