TruView allows IT organisations to quickly and effectively monitor and troubleshoot network and application performance problems.


TruView is a patented, highly optimised custom built appliance that leverages key data sets such as stream-to-disk packet storage, application response time, transactional decode, IPFIX (NetFlow), and SNMP to present analytics through a single reporting interface.

As TruView processes analytics from these data sets, it time correlates the results providing cross-functional IT teams such as network engineering, application, and server teams with a new found ability to work more collaboratively and quickly solve problems.

Business value of  TruView

TruView watches over your global, regional, or even local groups of sites and users 24/7 by monitoring end-user experience enterprise-wide, and then visually depicting when and where problems occur.

With intuitive guided workflows you are never more than a few clicks away from isolating down to the application, server, interface/device, transaction, or even packet at the source of any performance issue. And, with 10 Gbps full line stream-to-disk built right in, you’ll never miss an important event again.




Key benefits include:

  • Single UI – Displays through a highly customisable dashboard, guided workflows, and centralised administration

  • Automated application/server/site discovery – Easy to deploy and administer, without consuming a full time equivalent

  • End-user experience baselining and monitoring – TruView tracks “normal” to easily illustrate bad performance

  • Automated N-Tier Transaction Analysis – Automatically correlate transaction level performance across multiple application tiers within a multi-tiered application environment

  • Complete visibility into network traffic – What is consuming vital wan resources, and how does this effect application and VoIP delivery

  • Comprehensive VoIP/Video monitoring and troubleshooting – Report on performance by individual user or site, and see how different services are cohabiting on your infrastructure

  • QoS/CoS monitoring and reporting – Quickly see the result of engineering efforts to manage data

  • High volume packet archival at 10Gbps line rate

  • TruView and OptiView XG integration – TruView users can leverage the Optiview XG to provide path analysis and performance on the fly for in-depth infrastructure visibility inside the TruView user interface

  • Distributed Architecture – TruView has been enhanced to deliver enterprise scalability making it easy for every customer to move from a single appliance to a multi-system deployment

TruView was ranked the best Hybrid ANPM Solution and a Value Leader for large enterprise and service provider deployments, according to the new 2013 Application-aware Network Performance Management (ANPM) Radar Report from Enterprise Management Associates, a leading industry analyst firm.

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