• Detect breaches

• Monitor applications

• Uncover critical trends

… all in real-time.

The shift to cloud computing and modern application architectures is creating a data tsunami. Making this data available to your teams can be your organisation’s most valuable asset provided you have real time visibility into operational, security and business use cases.

Sumo Logic is a cloud-native, elastic, multi-tenant platform that delivers real time analytics and intelligence to dramatically reduce time to investigate and resolve security, application and operational issues.

Detect breaches and harmful network behaviour in real-time

A cloud security intelligence platform that provides risk management capability – compliance, security and configuration – for your modern cloud architecture.

Security intelligence provides you with:

  • Cloud SIEM: Leverage cloud-native SIEM to detect and respond to threats in multi-cloud or hybrid environments

  • Continuous Compliance: Sumo Logic provides the security and configuration hygiene required to adhere and exhibit continuous compliance.

  • Platform Security: Robust platform by integrating security principles into development process from the get go.

Real-time infrastructure & application monitoring without risk to live traffic

Sumo Logic helps you reduce downtime and move from reactive to proactive monitoring with cloud-based modern analytics:

  • Monitor: Detect customer-impacting issues faster and eliminate blind spots

  • Troubleshoot: Reduce downtime by easily correlating performance issues with errors and failures. Contain the blast radius by rapidly getting to the root cause with pattern detection using machine-learning.

  • Optimise: Protect and enhance customer experience with real-time insights from customisable apps, alerts and reports.

Log patterns uncovering trends/insight that matter to your organisation

Enable data-driven business decisions and predict and analyse customer behaviour using Sumo Logic’s real time analytics platform:

  • Collect: Extract the valuable key performance indicators from your existing data without asking developers to rewrite their code. Integrate machine data from Sumo Logic into your existing data science tools.

  • See: Focus on what matters with powerful machine-learning capabilities and a flexible search language. Increase your competitive advantage by empowering more of your teams to leverage your data.

  • Act: Improve your product and accelerate adoption by gaining visibility into customer engagement. Decrease your time to market by prioritising features and capabilities based on actual usage.

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