Automate your test labs to allow multiple users and groups to access resources anytime, regardless of location.

Quali’s Sandboxing software brings cloud-benefits, such as: self-service, multi-tenancy, automation, and scalability to your on-prem labs and pre-production data centres. This allows your end users to rapidly model and publish standardised blueprints for configuring lab infrastructure, physical equipment, connectivity and virtual resources.


Cloud Sandbox for SDN / NFV

Speed the adoption of NFV and SDN network technologies by transforming your network test labs into self-service clouds that move at the speed of DevOps.

Cloud Sandbox for Development and Test Labs

Transform your Dev and Test Labs into global, on-demand, lab-as-a-service clouds. Bring multi-tenancy, scalability, automation, and self-service to your dev and test labs to reduce costs, achieve faster product time to market, and ensure higher quality.

Cloud Sandbox for Sales and Demo Clouds

Arm your Sales Engineers with the ability to give effective demos and PoCs on-demand from anywhere in the world. With simultaneous, self-service access to live, production like environments.

Cloud Sandbox for Cyber Range Orchestration

Give your test and training teams immediate access to advanced, complex, and realistic infrastructure configurations. Deliver effective cyber training exercises, perform more accurate cyber security tests and certifications, and speed cyber range effectiveness in hardening IT defences.

Key benefits include:

  • Easily modelling of complex lab infrastructure environments with drag and drop resources from lab inventory

  • Full stack environments: physical, virtual, cloud resources and network connectivity

  • One click, on-demand deployment of blueprints by multiple users, groups or teams

  • Automatic provisioning of lab environments includes confi­guring equipment, loading firmware, provisioning networks, setting up test tools/spinning up virtual machines

  • Copper and Layer 1 Connectivity automation allows zero-touch dynamic re-provisioning of lab equipment connectivity (Learn more about Automation with Optical Circuit Switching)

  • Resource conflict resolution and scheduling ensures optimal use of lab equipment

  • Support for major PDU vendors allows powering on equipment only when it’s being actively used

  • Tracking how resources are being used and what equipment is over/under utilised.

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