Pervasive internal network visibility, real-time threat detection and actionable intelligence to strengthen your network security and operations.

Actionable Intelligence for enhanced network security and operations

Pravail NSI gives you the in-depth, actionable intelligence you need to proactively secure your internal network against advanced and insider threats and improve network performance. With its comprehensive reporting capabilities and vast data storage, Pravail NSI also simplifies compliance.

Features & benefits

Enterprise-wide visibility

Pravail NSI includes a single dashboard for viewing attacks, managing risk and responding to attacks across the network. The dashboard combines threat data from Pravail APS appliances to provide visibility into the events occurring in, on and around the network.

Built-in application intelligence

With its integrated Application Intelligence collector, Pravail NSI extends network visibility to the application layer, giving you actionable insight into the behavior of more than 100 types of network applications and traffic, including VoIP, P2P and HTTP/HTTPS.

Effective incident response

Using the AIF service, Pravail NSI provides fast alerting of security events, as well as critical details about the attack that enable comprehensive incident response.

Simplified forensics and compliance

The real-time and historical reporting capabilities of Pravail NSI track all network conversations, easing the burden of compliance. In addition, you can use storage area networks (SANs) to archive vast amounts of raw IP flow-based data for forensic analysis and compliance monitoring.

Reduced costs through virtualisation

Pravail NSI Virtual offers many of the same network visibility and security features as the appliance-based solution but in a virtualised, more cost-efficient environment utilised by many enterprises today.

“Arbor’s Pravail platform offered American Water the essential components to round out our enterprise-wide security solution and protect American Water’s internal networks from insider misuse, spyware, phishing, zero-day attacks and propagating worms.”

Bruce Larson

Security Director, American Water

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