The Polatis Series 7000n Optical Switch is the largest-capacity, highest-density and most reliable non-blocking all-optical circuit switch available today.


The 7000 Series is based on Polatis’ patented DirectLight® optical switching technology that has been proven in the most challenging defence, data centre and telecom applications and is also used by major network equipment manufacturers to automate testing of optical components and subsystems.

The 7000 Series can be supplied as NxN with the same number of input and output ports, asymmetric MxN  – or as customer configurable variants in which any port can be mapped to any other.

Ultra-low loss, low power consumption and fast switching speed make the 7000 Series switch highly-suited to a wide variety of applications, the most common of which include:

  • Secure optical communications platforms for private Government, large Enterprise and Finance networks

  • Automatic reconfiguration of Carrier, sub-sea and Data Centre optical network links

  • Software-defined management and control of co-located and multi-tenant Data Centres

  • Control to direct and re-direct UHD broadcast/media transmission traffic as required

  • Automation of test & measurement equipment in lab test environments for equipment manufacturers

  • Network monitoring and automatic fault location

  • Infrastructure as a Service automation and orchestration.

A wide range of optical connectors can be selected for the fibre interfaces which can be on the front or rear panel; optical power meters and variable optical attenuators can be added as options, as can Automatic Protection Switching (APS) functionality.

Remote control is via Ethernet and a web GUI or via SCPI. SNMP and TL1 are also supported. An optional touch screen front panel is also available.

Key features include:

  • Typical loss: <1.5dB

  • Loss repeatability: ±0.1 dB

  • Typical Switching time: <25ms

  • Data latency through a switch connection: 25ns

  • Support for dark fibre switching and bidirectional operation

  • Protocol and data rate agnostic up to 400Gbps and beyond

  • Eco-friendly with low power consumption

  • Hot swappable power supplies.

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