OptiView XG is – a dedicated tablet for automated network and application analysis -– the network engineer’’s fastest way to see root cause.

OptiView XG

The OptiView XG is a network engineer’’s tablet with dedicated custom hardware for automated network and application analysis in the deployment and troubleshooting of new technologies.

The OptiView XG is at home in the data centre with support for 10 GbE and virtualised servers; at the users’ office supporting 802.11n and application analysis; and with the switches and routers in between.


Key benefits include:

  • Tablet form factor with powerful consolidated functionalities providing automated analysis for 10/100 Mbps,  1/10 Gbps and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac  wireless LANs

  • Graphical user interface with smart navigation and built-in intelligent guided problem solving plus user customisable dashboards providing the flexibility to view data as needed

  • Application-centric analysis proving a high-level view of the health of the applications on the network, with the capability to analyse the performance of the network infrastructure

  • Guided troubleshooting with automated diagnostics and granular data to solve problems before they escalate

  • Graphical network discovery & wireless network mapping  provides an instant, navigable picture of the connections between network switches and connected devices—speeding “time to know”

  • Conducting network assessments, validate new infrastructure and devices, test service provider SLAs, and troubleshoot problems from end to end, at up to a full line-rate of 10 Gbps

  • Staying connected and informed with the new Apple iOS app, HeadsUp™ XG – receive problem notifications and explore XG’s Problem Log from your iPhone or iPad.

  • Integration of TruView with XG provides view of the application and the network performance from anywhere within the enterprise. – a complete AANPM solution

  • Profile Management – allows creation, saving, loading of site- or customer specifi configurations and tests making it easier to apply configuration on multiple units – New in Version 12

  • 10GBASE-T Adaptor – as 10Gig on copper becomes more prevalent through the network , XG users can add an optional adaptor for easy connectivity and testing on 10GBASE-T links.

“OptiView XG allows us to quickly identify key switch anomalies, use packet capture features for troubleshooting performance issues, and conduct wireless analysis, all through the same portable unit. This tool truly does have the potential to save our team great deal of troubleshooting and network audit time.”

– Jeffrey Irving, Telecoms Perimeter Security Manager at EDF Energy

Use the OptiView XG to find problems from your desk or take it – with the data it has collected – to the trouble spot for first-hand analysis. Its unique troubleshooting system is based on proactive analysis, graphical path analysis, and application-centric analysis, which provides expert guidance that automatically identifies the root cause of problems.

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