Pantera, from Accanto Systems*, offers an integrated tool to fully verify, monitor, and troubleshoot the signalling and services deployed over PCM, ATM, and LAN networks. The supported architectures include: IMS, NGN, MEGACO/MGCP and mixed (SS7/NGN/IP).



Pantera’s rich feature set makes it the ideal tool during all network phases. Call generation, protocol analysis and QoS measurements are critical during the development of new features in R&D labs and during the installation and maintenance of PBXs, soft switches, signalling and media gateways, as well as the traditional PSTN network elements.

Pantera is also used by service providers and operators during the network planning, and implementation phases thanks to the Call Detail Record generation, intrusive and non-intrusive QoS measurements, network statistics and correlation of messages between different protocols and interfaces.

Key benefits include:

  • Protocol analysis and troubleshooting

  • QoS analysis for audio: E-model and NiQA

  • PESQ QoS Testing

  • QoS Analysis and Testing for Video Streams

  • Call and Service Simulation and Monitoring

  • Call Origination and Termination over different protocols

  • Service Level Agreement and Billing verification

  • High-Volume Signalling Calls Simulation

  • Statistics collection for Network Performance Analysis

  • Traffic analysis with simultaneous Call and Data Packet Volume calculation

  • Problem detection and prevention

  • Maintenance and Installation activities

  • Network usage analysis.

*Accanto Systems was formed by merging the Protocol Products Group of Sunrise Telecom with LTE Innovations. Pantera is the new name for NeTracker.


For each available protocol, the Pantera offers:

  • Physical layer status and statistics

  • Customisable Protocol Trace

  • Display Filters (with text search filters)

  • Statistics on all the main protocols’ messages

  • Calls statistics and Call Completion Analysis

  • Disconnection causes statistics

  • Call Detail Records generation with protocol messages correlation

  • CDR-to-frames correlation

  • Frame-to-CDR function

  • Arrowed diagrams for Trace and CDRS

  • Multi-interface correlation

  • CDRs forwarding to external system

  • Non-intrusive QoS measurement with E-Model and NiQA MOS scores on VoIP calls

  • Non-intrusive QoS measurement for Video Calls.

Multiple tests and protocols

  • Pantera runs 3 simultaneous monitor and/or simulation tasks with automatic test and resources allocation

  • Each test runs of up to 8 different protocols

  • Each protocol runs on different physical or logical port

  • Service Trace: trace of all the messages related to the same call through different network elements, protocols and technologies

  • Exportable Statistical Reports: for the implementation with standard commercial applications.

Client-server and multi-user

  • Pantera is a Server-based Protocol Analyser

  • Up to 8 users (clients) can simultaneously access the Server through a TCP/IP network, a standard Browser or the specific Java Application

  • Users can independently customise the trace, apply filters, make analysis by statistics, decode messages, analyse Call Detail Records (CDR), service trace, emulation environments, and correlate events through multiple protocols and interfaces

  • More users can view the same data in order to share and distribute the protocols – Know-how and the troubleshooting expertise

  • A security administration system prevents unauthorised equipment usage and guarantee the privacy of analysis.

Supported protocols for monitoring


  • WSP and WTP decoding


  • H.323 (H.225, H.235, H.245, H.450)
  • SIP and SIP-T
  • MGCP, Aspen-MGCP and NCS
  • MeGaCo/H.248, GCP
  • T.38 (Fax over IP)


  • BTNR-167
  • Japan TTC
  • Local Number Portability
  • ETSI INAP (CS1/CS2) and INAP+
  • HSL SS7 Version (on 31 aggr. TS)
  • SS7 over MTP3-Broadband
  • BICC
CDMA one/CDMA 2000

  • IS41-C,D,E and IS-637
  • A1 (A reference point)
  • A3 (Ater reference point)
  • A11 (Aquater reference point)

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)

  • SIP Mobile (Mm, Mr, Mw, Mg,Mi ISC)
  • Diameter (Cx, Dx, Gq, Wb, Wg, Wr, Wx)
  • COPS (Go)



Video over IP

  • H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264, MPEG 2, MPEG 4
  • QoS metric (EPSNR)


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