The de-facto OTDR for Aircraft/Aerospace, Rail, Military, Maritime, Oil/Gas, FTTx/PON, Fibre Sensor Development and Smart Structure applications.

Luciol’s photon-counting technique provides order-of-magnitude better resolution than conventional OTDRs.

The Luciol Instruments LOR-200 high resolution OTDR series all-in-one instruments can go down to cm event resolution using a scanning photon counting technique, whilst the original Luciol v-OTDRs with their sub-ns pulses can resolve events closer together still.

The Luciol v-OTDR still offers the highest resolution of all with its 500fs pulses and original photon counting technique. Not only is the Luciol v-OTDR the best at differentiating two closely spaced events on an optical fibre, it is also provides very precise length measurements.



The v-OTDR is available as a custom system for almost all types of optical fibres and wavelengths, including for example Plastic Optical Fibres (POFs) at 650 nm, large core glass fibres, and single mode fibre variants.

The high refresh rate of the instrument allows real-time monitoring of optical fibres. The Luciol OTDR connects to an external PC via its USB interface. User friendly software is provided.

Common applications include:

Applications for Luciol OTDRs include FTTx/PON, fibre sensor development, production testing of fibre lasers, testing various short fibre assemblies, and in demanding applications like oil & gas where high resolution can be required at the end of a long undersea cable length to determine whether an issue is in the wet or dry section.

The LOR-220 is the highest resolution instrument of the LOR-200 family, well suited for short range fibre testing in aviation, and similar applications in military and other vehicles. With its 1ns optical pulse width, industry-leading  resolution and 10cm dead-zone, it is optimised for short range fibre assembly testing.

A large variety of wavelength options is available, up to 4 different emitters can be integrated in a single module and the instruments can be supplied for single mode fibre or optimised for use with various multimode fibre types.

Two of the best known civil aircraft manufacturers are both using the Luciol LOR-220 to test on-board multimode fibres and have significantly reduced the time to identify, locate and remove trouble-spots in their optical links – and are making significant savings as a direct consequence.

Only available in the UK from Phoenix Datacom, the Luciol LOR-200 high resolution OTDR is optimised for telecom wavelengths, typically from 1000 nm to 1650 nm. It has superb resolution and 20cm event dead zone. The optical pulse width is variable from 2 ns to 1 µs.

A large variety of wavelength options is available – up to 4 different emitters can be integrated in a single module. The fibre options include single mode and multimode versions.

The Luciol LOR high resolution OTDR family now has options for built-in optical power meter (OPM), visible (red) fault locator (VFL) and a USB connector inspection microscope add-on with a wide range of different connector adapter tips, so connector end face images can be viewed on the OTDR screen and saved in internal memory or external drives.

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