Up to 128Gb Layer 1 Switches compatible with any media and scalable to over 1000 ports in a single chassis.

As network products become more complex, so do their testing requirements; as a result, an ever increasing portion of the product development cycle is spent on QA and regression testing. Additional test equipment and network devices are needed both to support the functions being tested and to scale up the network topology.

Automating the Test Lab can help shorten the QA test cycle, reduce the lab’s CAPEX and OPEX requirements, and increase test coverage and product quality.

Network Test Lab Challenges

Implementing test lab automation without automating the cable re-wiring presents many challenges that need to be dealt with. Some of these challenges include:

  • Manual cable rewiring disrupts automated tests and may double test time

  • Manual coordination of rewiring leads to poor lab equipment utilisation and control

  • Remote access is limited and can depend on support from local personal

  • Reproduction of test topologies requires more manual work and more time

  • Simulation of certain network failure conditions and cable breaks can be a challenge.

ColdFusion Benefits

Lepton’s ColdFusion Layer 1 test automation switch enables the automation of 100% of lab infrastructure. With ColdFusion, one can make network topology changes with the click of a button, or by integrating QA test scripts with ColdFusion APIs.

ColdFusion is the largest scale and density Layer 1 test automation switch available, capable of interconnecting up to 256 100G interfaces or 1024 10G/25G interfaces, allowing you to:

  • Increase Lab Resource Utilisation

  • Run the same number of test cases using fewer test tools and DUT’s

  • Gain full control and visibility over who is using lab resources, and for how long

  • Schedule and reserve resources

  • Allow remote test engineers to share the same lab resources

  • Reduce lab equipment idle time.

Reduce test time

  • Reduce unnecessary troubleshooting time due to manual cabling mistakes

  • Build, modify or teardown test topologies quickly and reliably using scripts

  • Quickly isolate and troubleshoot test problems.

  • Reduce test setup time

  • Free up Test Engineers’ time to focus on their core technology challenges.

Save Money

  • Reduce CAPEX through an increased utilization of a smaller number of tools

  • Reduce opex as automation increases and manual labour decreases

  • Reduce time to market, increasing savings and profits.

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