Ixia Vision ONE from Phoenix Datacom is a single platform that enables organisations to improve security, as well as identify and resolve performance problems across physical and virtual infrastructure.

Vision ONE provides this visibility by aggregating, filtering, replicating and load-balancing specific traffic to your desired destinations. Vision ONE also delivers In-line resiliency and failsafe for security tools, feeds for retrospective traffic analysis using packet capture tools and real time time-stamped network traffic for live application performance tools.

The addition of Ixia’s hardware based ‘PacketStack’ technology provides the additional benefit of wire-rate packet processing capabilities, such as de-duplication, encapsulation/header stripping, packet slicing and time-stamping.


Ixia’s Application & Threat Intelligence (ATI) feed (or ‘AppStack’) arms Vision ONE with the ability to categorise and forward either packet traffic or enriched meta-data records based on specific detailed criteria to your desired security or performance monitoring devices, and presenting this information in an easy-to-use GUI.

This could be based on any combination of layer 7 application classification, Service Provider, geolocation, browser or type of device used (eg: model of phone/tablet). Vision ONE’s Appstack also provides real-time correlated session, application and geolocation based statistical information via an easy-to-read dashboard providing additional network visibility.



Furthermore, Vision ONE’s ability to unlock SSL encrypted traffic (SecureStack) can provide your security tools with visibility of malware locked in application/encrypted traffic.

Together, these advanced features make Vision ONE the core foundation to resilient cyber security protection and comprehensive network/application performance monitoring.

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