Safely click any link, visit any web site and open any attachment.

Your connection to the Internet is the primary channel by which cyber-criminals enter and sensitive data is exfiltrated.

If you have been searching for a simple way to let your staff use the Internet whilst massively reducing the chance of Internet-born malware entering your environment, you need to take a close look the Garrison SAVI secure browsing platform.

We believe the ability to click on any link without worry significantly reduces the risk of your users inadvertently causing a breach of devastating consequences.

No to be confused with VDI-based solutions that lack scalability and are not without security vulnerabilities, or air-gap networks that can be slow and lead to user rejection, Garrison SAVI addresses the Quality of Experience (QoE) issue at the hardware level to create a super-secure browsing platform without affecting the user’s QoE.

Secure browsing

Garrison SAVI is a secure remote browsing platform that uses hardware enforcement to physically isolate a user from their web browsing experience. The core component is something called a SAVI node which is two ARM chips working as a pair and are automatically assigned to a user when they wish to use the Internet.

ARM Chip 1 runs the web browser and is connected to the risky internet and renders all the dodgy internet contact into safe raw bitmaps in real-time. ARM Chip 2 effectively watches what the first ARM chip is doing and compresses the safe video stream of the browsing experience and sends this to the end user.

It doesn’t matter if ARM Chip 1 visits a malware-infected site and is thoroughly compromised by every piece of malware known and unknown to man, because there is no direct connection to the end user. The attacker has no access to the end user device or any other sensitive systems or data. The same principle works when a user clicks an email link sending them to a malware-infested site.

Key benefits include:

  • Significantly fewer attacks to your environment

  • Confidence to click any link and open any attachment

  • Ability to safely conduct dark web investigations

  • Less time spent analysing and investigating false positives

  • Easy integration to existing infrastructure

  • Available as a cloud-based service or on-premise solution.

NCSC evalutation

Garrison SAVI is so secure that it is being evaluated by NCSC for use at very high levels of government classification, which is significant as Garrison is engineered specifically for large scale commercial deployment.

As Garrison’s partner for the UK, we can show you the SAVI platform in action and integrate the solution to your environment. You can even see it in action in our multi-million pound Cyberlab.

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