Available up to 40Gbps as a physical appliance and 1Gbps in virtual form, ExtraHop Trace from Phoenix Datacom reduces the amount of time, effort and money required to perform packet-level analysis.


ExtraHop Trace (ETA) can be deployed singly or as a cluster for increased traffic ingestion rates. A cluster of four ETA 6150 appliances can ingest up to 40 Gbps of sustained throughput. For increased storage, you also have the flexibility to add up to 312Tb of your own external storage capacity.

Connecting real-time metadata with packets allows you to filter based on a metric, transaction, or user, eliminating complaints about packet capture analysis—that it requires trial-and-error investigation. This correlation capability is unique to ExtraHop and made possible by the platform’s real-time stream processing, which extracts metrics from data in flight.

For more information please download the ExtraHop Trace datasheet from the Resources tab at the top of the page.

Click here to learn more about the ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance Platform.

Why buy ExtraHop from Phoenix Datacom?

A key partner to ExtraHop, we provide and support world-leading performance monitoring and cyber-security protection solutions for owners of large, critical, and latency-sensitive networks. With numerous ExtraHop integrations under our belt, we can also pre-configure your ExtraHop platform prior to shipment to data centres worldwide.

Furthermore, due to our expertise helping customers to intelligently connect cyber-security and performance monitoring devices to their networks, we can design and provide the network data visibility required to take copies of traffic from multiple data centres, and send them out-of-band to the ExtraHop platform to ensure scalability and ease of configuration updates.



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