The ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system is a powerful passive network appliance that provides in-depth troubleshooting & end-to-end visibility of application end-user experience.

ExtraHop provides threshold and trend alerting on critical performance metrics across the whole networked applications infrastructure.

Whilst other solutions typically only inspect Layer 4 headers, the ExtraHop system performs full-stream reassembly &  analysis of the payload from Layer 2 to Layer 7.




The ExtraHop system performs real-time analysis of application transactions traversing the network, database, and storage tiers – and is able to alert on thresholds and trends across many different performance-affecting aspects of the total system.

Key benefits include

  • Faster troubleshooting across networks, applications, databases, and storage arrays

  • Elimination of time-consuming manual processes such as analysing packet dumps

  • Stopping the blame-storming between application and network teams.

Powerful APM capabilities

Network-based APM provides the real-time, cross-tier visibility that IT Operations teams need to manage application performance. Continuously adapting to changes in the application environment, the ExtraHop system analyses application performance across all tiers, including network, web, database, and storage. IT teams use this information to accomplish the following tasks critical to managing application performance:

  • Proactive early warning

  • Triaging and troubleshooting

  • Mapping and measuring.

Leading companies across a wide range of industries use the ExtraHop system to minimise downtime, optimise performance, and protect revenue and brand reputation.

Why buy ExtraHop from Phoenix Datacom?

A key partner to ExtraHop, we provide and support world-leading performance monitoring and cyber-security protection solutions for owners of large, critical, and latency-sensitive networks. With numerous ExtraHop integrations under our belt, we can also pre-configure your ExtraHop platform prior to shipment to data centres worldwide.

Furthermore, due to our expertise helping customers to intelligently connect cyber-security and performance monitoring devices to their networks, we can design and provide the network data visibility required to take copies of traffic from multiple data centres, and send them out-of-band to the ExtraHop platform to ensure scalability and ease of future configuration updates.




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