Tough – Rugged – Cost-effective

The Deviser DS2500 Series QAM Analyser is designed for HFC network installation, maintenance and troubleshooting and can perform many types of measurements on QAM, analogue TV Signals and Cable Modem.

The DS2500 supports all types of measurement on QAM and analogue signals such as HUM, Modulation Depth, MER, BER, Constellation, Spectrum, Power Level and Sweep.

Key benefits include:

  • 4 inch TFT LCD
  • USB storage and upgrade
  • Communicates with PC via LAN
  • Modular design makes upgrading easy.

The DS2500C model adds the cable modem module which supports Docsis 1.x, 2.0 and 3.0. It provides CM Register & Statistic, Ping, FTP, Web Browser, QAM Source and Return Spectrum Sweep.

DS2500R adds a communication module onto the DS2500C. This allows the unit to communicate with the DS1610 KingStone HFC Broadband Monitoring system installed at the head end.


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It can assist operators to make both forward and return path fault finding more effective and ensure the service quality.

The DS2500R+ adds a software option to support communication between multiple DS2500R+ units, helping to troubleshoot errors between network nodes without disconnecting the signal.


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