Pravail Availability Protection System (APS)

Powered by the world’s most widely deployed DDoS detection and mitigation technology, Pravail APS mitigates availability threats such as application-layer DDoS attacks before they impact your network and service availability.

Powerful DDoS protection made simple

Available and supported by Phoenix Datacom, Pravail APS provides proven, on-premise DDoS protection for the world’s most critical enterprise and government networks. Enhanced by automatic security updates delivered by Arbor’s Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT), Pravail APS defends against both known and emerging availability threats so your organisation can maintain business continuity – no matter what.


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Features & benefits

Custom protection with immediate blocking

Easy to install, configure and use, Pravail APS provides immediate protection from application-layer DDoS attacks that threaten service and application availability. It also analyses attacks and provides custom protection recommendations.

Proactive DDoS detection and mitigation

Pravail APS automatically detects and blocks DDoS attacks before service performance is impacted. Little to no user interaction is required, lessening the burden on your security team.

Visibility and control

With Pravail APS, you gain real-time visibility into availability threats, attacks and blocked hosts.

Full suite of attack countermeasures

Pravail APS incorporates advanced DDoS countermeasures that have proven effective in the world’’s largest and most complex network environments. These countermeasures include a set of packet-based protections developed by ASERT that neutralise the vast majority of global botnet threats.

Automated threat updates

Arbor has real-time visibility into more than 35 Tbps of the world’’s Internet traffic. This unmatched insight enables ASERT to develop timely, automatic security updates to Pravail APS, keeping your organisation one step ahead of emerging, malicious threats.

Combined on-premise and cloud-based DDoS protection

Arbor’’s unique cloud signaling capabilities seamlessly integrates with Pravail APS as a part of the Arbor Cloud DDoS Protection Service. This integrated solution delivers the most comprehensive DDoS protection available today.

Real-time reporting and forensics

Pravail APS produces in-depth, real-time attack reports that are easy to understand along with forensics detailing blocked hosts, origin countries of attacks and historic trends.

Inspection of encrypted traffic

Pravail APS identifies and blocks attacks that are hidden in encrypted (SSL) network traffic, providing more comprehensive protection from availability threats.

“Pravail APS’s ease of use, out-of-box protection readiness and automatic ATLAS intelligence feeds contribute to low management overhead without sacrificing protection on-premises.”

Michael Suby

Vice President of Research, Stratecast

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