Whether you need to gain better control of your SDN (Software Defined Network) physical infrastructure, reduce multi-tenant data centre reconfiguration times, virtualise your test & measurement equipment for better ROI, or create a secure optical networking environment, Optical Switching provides the freedom and flexibility you need, whilst helping you make significant cost-savings.

  • Data centre operators & service providers benefit from All-Optical Switching due to the speed at which changes can be made – changes that accelerate the provision of new services and upgrading of existing applications.

    Operators/Service Providers can bring new customers on board more quickly and upsell faster than at any previous point in time. Furthermore, with quicker control of SDN and NFV physical infrastructures, Operators/Providers can peer with like-minded partners far more quickly and therefore gain further competitive advantage as innovators in emerging technologies.

  • Government departments and MoD organisations need highly-secure, ultra-fast communication networks that provide the flexibility to scale quickly as and when required to do so.

    Non-optical/hybrid networks are not able to provide all such functionality, however, due to the zero intrusion and signal emission properties of all-Optical networking platforms, all such functionality can be achieved, saving precious configuration times, and more importantly, providing a platform for secure communications.

  • Lab automation needs to provide easy access to test & measurement tools and reduce total cost of ownership. Optical Matrix Switching provides excellent value on both counts by providing test tool access to multiple lab locations, the ability to provision new test set ups at the touch of a button, and allowing you to reduce your travel costs. Such increased flexibility also provides the basis for reducing new product/service times to market – helping you retain a competitive advantage and easily demonstrate a healthy return on investment.

  • Field-based broadcast/media transmissions require ultra-high bandwidth and low levels of latency in order to provide a consistently high quality of HD content over live feeds. In addition to this, quality of video content needs to remain high in order to retain customer subscriptions and pay-per-view revenues. Using all-Optical Switching for management and remote control of broadcast signals provides the flexibility required to direct and re-direct traffic streams at the precise moments required to do so.

The most comprehensive range of All-Optical Matrix Switches in the world today

As a result of our exclusive UK collaboration with Polatis, we can satisfy all of your requirements for singlemode and multimode all-Optical Matrix Switching projects, regardless of application, size and complexity.

Off-the-shelf singlemode switch units start with port counts from as little as 4×4, 8×8, 32×32, moving to 48×48, 80×80, 160×160, 192×192 and 384×384. Multimode switches start from as few ports as 4×4, moving to 16×16.

Bespoke Solutions

We also provide and support fully-tailored Optical Matrix Switching solutions based on your unique requirements. Please contact your Phoenix Datacom Account Manager, or complete the contact form here to discuss your requirements in more detail.

If appropriate, you can select to speak to a Security-Cleared Engineer regarding your requirements.