At their channel partner conference in Rome, our partners at Ixia named us winners of their prestigious Security Partner of the Year award.

This is in recognition of our growth in solutions and professional services to help customers evaluate and interoperability-test the security appliances they have under consideration.

The award is also in recognition of our growth in sales of Ixia ThreatArmor – the unique solution that automatically blocks connections from IP addresses known to be bad, hijacked, or owned by proliferators of malware, to allow Intrusion Prevention Systems, Sandboxes and other security layers to concentrate on advanced and previously unknown threats.




Ixia solutions we provide and support include:


PerfectStorm – Simulate millions of real-world end-user environments


PerfectStorm generates stateful applications and malicious traffic that simulate millions of real-world end-user environments to test and validate infrastructure, a single device, or even an entire system.

ThreatARMOR – Blocking all known bad IP addresses from your network


ThreatArmor means fewer attacks, fewer SIEM alerts and better ROI from your security protection environment.

PerfectStorm ONE – Application and security testing with real-world (stateful) traffic

Ixia-PerfectStormONEPerfectStorm ONE helps you perform validations of enterprise-wide networks and cyber-security protection devices with real-world traffic.