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FSMTime is a system software company specialising in real-time and clock synchronisation.

We provide and support FSMTime’s TimeKeeper® software and hardware products that are critical to a variety of time-sensitive financial trading, 5G, cyber-security, broadcast, and Government Agency applications.


Whether you need real-time provisioning and link protection in your Data Centre or Internet Exchange, want to enable Test Automation in your Lab, see greater flexibility for UHD Broadcast transmission, or need to access monitored WAN interfaces for Cyber-Surveillance, our range of Huber+Suhner Polatis Layer 1 Optical Matrix Switches has you covered.

With single mode and multimode options available, numerous port counts from 4×4 all the way to 576×576, our SDN-enabled Huber+Suhner Polatis Switches have ultra-low loss and ultra-low deterministic latency, meaning they provide a dependable strategy for your high-speed data requirements.

Not only do Huber+Suhner Polatis optical switches avoid the cost and power requirements of signal conversion to electrical and back to optical again, but they are also agnostic to bandwidth and protocols – which means future-proof.

Huber+Suhner Polatis

Mergers and acquisitions over the years have culminated with Test, Visibility, and Security companies formerly known as BreakingPoint Systems, NetOptics, Anue, and in 2017; Ixia, all becoming part of Keysight Technologies.

As a long-term Elite Partner, we provide and support Keysight’s Network Performance, Test, Cyber-Security, and Visibility solutions to companies for whom network, security, and application uptime are critical to success.

For security resilience, we provide Keysight’s Network TAPs, Bypass TAPs, and Vision Series Network Packet Brokers that copy and condition traffic to allow security tool chains like Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems and Malware Sandboxes to perform their functions without introducing risk to security or network uptime.

We use the same network traffic conditioning techniques to safely send traffic out-of-band to network and application performance monitoring tools.

If desired, we can look after your entire Keysight Security Resilience Platform with a dedicated 24/7/365 managed service designed for your unique needs.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in these areas.

For security protection, breach and attack simulation, network/security stress testing, and active network performance monitoring, please see below links to Keysight solution overview pages.

Keysight Technologies

One of the largest financial motivators for upgrading to Test Automation is the pooling of commonly used equipment and sharing it on-demand. Lepton ColdFusion Layer 1 Switches from Phoenix Datacom eliminate manual cabling in Test Labs, which saves set up time, cuts errors and lets your teams pool resources to accelerate new releases. The one-time connection of Test Tools and Devices Under Test to the Layer 1 Switch also enables 24/7 testing and full remote access to your Lab.

ColdFusion Layer 1 Switches are available in small and large rack mounted form factors. The compact 4RU size has port counts from 32 all the way up to 256 (with 1:4 breakout cables), and the larger Switch can scale up to 1024 ports of 1G to 28GB ports, or 256 up to 128GB ports, so whether you run a small test environment or a large Regression Lab, ColdFusion has your test automation needs covered.

Lepton Systems

When you need to characterise short fibre lengths or locate fibre faults in vehicles or structures with minimal disruption and downtime, the Luciol LOR-200/220 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) will locate faults with sub-centimetre accuracy – thanks to its clever photon-counting technology.

Not to be confused with a telecom OTDR, Luciol OTDRs have extremely high spatial resolution, which is impossible to achieve with conventional OTDRs. This makes the LOR-200/220 the de-facto OTDR for Aerospace, Rail, Military, Maritime, Oil/Gas, FTTx/PON, Fibre Sensor Development, and Smart Structure applications.

Luciol Instruments

When you need to know how networks, network devices, or compressed / uncompressed video will perform under the unfavourable conditions of IP networks and WANs, our PacketStorm IP Network Emulators and Simulators let you modify and decimate IP packet structures in a controllable and repeatable lab setting.

This will provide you with the actionable intel needed for ensuring network quality protection and a rich broadcast video quality of experience.

If you need a local partner to provide, support and even manage your PacketStorm solution, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

(We at Phoenix Datacom are also Test Automation experts and can provide you with Layer 1 Matrix Switches for the physical connection of test tools and DUTs, as well as software for 24/7 remote access control and scheduling of tests and resources across multiple locations, so please also contact us to discuss your test automation challenges.)

PacketStorm Communications

If you are involved with DevOps, device, or software testing, you will probably have to book resources, set up tests, and manipulate multiple results in to one report.

These tasks often need manual on-site work and consume time that would be better spent carrying out the required actions identified by the tests.

Quali takes away all this pain by automating the booking, setting up, running, and reporting of your tests across your physical, hybrid, and cloud environments. This lets you focus on what matters most of all: accelerating innovation and new releases.

Not only do we provide and configure Quali CloudShell to Labs and DevOps Teams wishing to save time and money, our own Cyberlab is built on CloudShell for:

  • Scheduling and controlling customer demonstrations
  • Quickly loading pre-designed test blueprints
  • Controlling multiple vendor test tools via one GUI
  • Gracefully powering the Lab up and down

If you need a local partner to provide, support, and even configure Quali CloudShell for your environments, contact us today to discuss your requirements.


VeEX designs and develops innovative Test and Measurement solutions that address all stages of network deployment, maintenance, field service turn-up, and service verification features across Fibre Optics, CaTV/DOCSIS, Mobile, Next-Generation Transport Network, Fibre Channel, IPTV, WiFi, Synchronous, Data Centre and Carrier Ethernet technologies up to 600Gbps.

We at Phoenix Datacom provide and support VeEX test solutions in the UK on an exclusive basis.

Please download the full VeEX Solutions Catalogue here.


Our Witbe Robots will show you the real end-user Quality of Experience for things like apps, web site, and video on any type of device over any network technology. This saves precious time and helps you acclerate time to market and new releases.


Common applications include:

  • Monitoring the customer experience on your web site – from arrival to purchase
  • Voice call quality for both parties when customers contact your call centres
  • Testing 5G UE, network, and video content delivery experience

Furthermore, due to the way in which our Witbe Robots interact with devices and content, you can also benchmark against your competitors to help you attract new customers and reduce churn.

If you need a local partner to provide, support, and even configure your Witbe Robots, contact us today to discuss your requirements.


We at Phoenix Datacom represent Xena Networks in the UK. We cover the full range of Xena’s cost-effective Ethernet and stateful traffic generation tools to load-stress and test Ethernet networks and devices, and Enterprise Firewalls.

We are also Test Automation experts and can provide you with Layer 1 Matrix Switches for the physical connection of test tools and DUTs, as well as software for 24/7 remote access, control and scheduling of tests and resources across multiple locations.

Xena Networks

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