VSS Monitoring is the world leader in Network Intelligence Optimisation, providing a visionary, systems-approach for optimising and scaling the connectivity between network switching and the entire network intelligence ecosystem of analytics, inline security, and WAN acceleration tools.

VSS Monitoring network taps and switches are used worldwide by security conscious network professionals for the connection of monitoring devices such as IPS, IDS, network analysers and network forensics.

Through VSS, we can provide you with a comprehensive range of fibre and copper taps for a wide range of applications in addition to conventional 1:1 tapping. This includes tapping a single network port into multiple analyser ports, aggregation of multiple network ports into a single analyser port with aggregator taps, active response and injection with injector taps, and buffered converter taps for media and speed conversion.

All VSS Monitoring devices share an exceptionally high build quality, excellent ease-of-use, whether under local or remote control, and innovative features to protect the monitored network. For example, the VSS 10/100/1000 copper tap is the first commercially available gigabit copper tap with in-built link monitoring to ensure it does not become a network point of failure if the link on one side fails.